VIOLET GREY - Radiant Smile Set

coconut-flavored floss infused with coconut oil

Unlike other flosses that slip and slide, Cocofloss scrubs like a loofah to truly get surfaces clean. It’s kinder on gums and fingers than the average floss thanks to more surface area and a soft, towel-like texture. A coconut flavour adds a sweet tropical taste to your blissfully clean smile. 32 yards.

makes teeth look whiter with reflective blue crystal

Brighten and freshen your smile with this brilliant innovative lip gloss. Blue crystals naturally reflect light and create the appearance of whiter teeth, while minty peppermint oil freshens breath. The clear gloss also gives lips instant shine.

whitening, anti-cavity—made with all-natural ingredients

This all-natural formula is possibly the chicest toothpaste we’ve ever seen. Developed by holistic dentist Dr. David Villarreal, the toothpaste is designed to gently polish teeth and remove stains for a brighter smile. Amino acid cleaners help to remove bacteria and food particles, while a superior blend of essential oils, botanicals, and herbs promote good oral hygiene. 3.4oz.


All the elements of OLAS, from the name (which means "waves" in Spanish) to the marine bio-active ingredients, the packaging, and the logo, are inspired by the ocean's natural cleansing ability and boundless beauty. This gentle tasting mouthwash is free of sodium laurel sulfate, fluoride, alcohol, artificial colors and fragrances. Use daily after brushing and rinse for 20 seconds. The formula is also cruelty-free.


An attractive smile requires soft smooth lips. This lip scrub gently buffs away dull skin with sugar, and sweet almond seed, while jojoba oil, shea butter, and orange peel condition and replenish moisture.

signature GIFT BOX

Each set is housed in a gift box, and wrapped with a black ribbon. Gift box, 7.25"L x 5.25"W x 2.5"D.