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dr. dennis

alpha beta universal peel 

The celebrated peel known for its miraculously effective yet gentle exfoliating powers.

Written By JAYME CYK


New York–based dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross never set out to create a skincare line, but when he began making an at-home version of his in-office peel, he couldn’t ignore the rave reviews from his clients. “After just one use, you see the results without downtime or irritation,” says Gross. “Over time, the results just get better and better—pores tighten, skin firms, and you have this gorgeous radiance. I call it my desert island product, and I know many of our devoted peel fans share this feeling!”

In 2000, Gross took his signature peel to the masses, dubbing it the Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel, and he has never looked back. Unveiled during a time when clients thought harsh and intense treatments equaled efficacy, the Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel filled the gap for those looking for a gentle yet efficient formula. The winning product, which hasn’t changed in formulation since it was revealed (it’s that good), consists of two steps. The first pad contains five acids—glycolic, salicylic, cytric, lactic, and malic—to exfoliate the skin, while the second pad controls the acid activity and neutralizes the complexion. Basically, you’ll resurrect radiance and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pores.


“I saw an improvement in the evenness of my skin tone without any redness, irritation, or flakiness.”—Fiona Stiles, makeup artist

“These are amazingly quick and gentle peel pads. I’ve been carrying them in my kit for anyone who could use a little wake-up for the skin. It instantly smooths!”—Jeffrey Baum, makeup artist

“These are so easy to use, and my skin always feels super clean and smooth after applying.”—Jo Strettell, makeup artist


March 17, 2017

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