Daily protection for a screen-driven life.



Susanne Kaufmann’s natural, sustainable, effective, and luxurious skin and body care have long been desert island products for both VIOLET STAFFERS and shoppers. There is something about the sensuous formulas composed of active botanicals from her native Austria that make us feel pampered and protected– like we are being treated to the ultimate in self care. When the brand presented The Blue Light Defence and Moisturising Mist, we gave our blindingly bright computer screens a dirty look, and asked them to send it, ASAP.


Blue light is a sneaky skin stressor. It is everywhere in modern life, from phones, to computers, to TV screens, but unlike harsh sunlight, we hardly even notice it. According to Kaufmann, blue light is particularly insidious, as it penetrates deeper into the skin than UVA and UVB rays. Additionally, the damage it causes (collagen and elastin breakdown, free radical production, accelerated aging) takes longer to surface, creating a false sense of security. Having made this unfortunate discovery, VIOLET STAFFERS began spritzing ourselves with this hydrating mist on an hourly basis. Following Kaufmann’s instructions, we applied it before serums on our face, neck, and decolletage, and then reapplied throughout the day. It provided light hydration, set our makeup, and made us feel like we had an invisible shield against our traitorous screens. The mist came to be a staple of our work-from-home setup, so we decided it was time to share it with our Committee of Industry Experts to get their illustrious seal of approval. 

“I use this like clockwork because it hydrates my skin while protecting against blue light damage–and it smells divine!”  

– MELISSA HERNANDEZ, Celebrity Makeup Artist

“For those who are serious about skin health and aging, this is an excellent way to add protection. Plus, the fresh scent gives a nice sensorial experience.” 

– DR. DENDY ENGELMAN, Board Certified Dermatologist  and MOHS Surgeon

“I’m obsessed with this super fine mist! Designed to protect the skin from damaging blue light, smells incredible, and is so hydrating!” 

– LORI YOUNG, Makeup Artist


Testers were not only thrilled to have the protection this product provided, but they also actually enjoyed using it, reporting that doing so was a lovely midday refresh.  With that, the Susanne Kaufmann Blue Light Defence and Moisturising Mist is officially VIOLET CODE APPROVED, and has earned a place on THE SHELVES.


The VIOLET CODE is a process and set of standards by which VIOLET GREY’s Committee of Industry Experts separate hero products from the tens of thousands of options available to you on the market. The result is a curation that is truly the best in beauty from those who know best.