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By her own admission, Leslie Mann is bad at putting on blush. But her pal Jillian Dempsey is really, really good at. And that’s what friends are for.

Film by EMI BELL

From Kristen Stewart’s satiny lid stains to Emilia Clarke’s perfectly khol-rimmed eyes, Hollywood makeup artist Jillian Dempsey has been bringing her signature looks to the masses one product at a time. And, like a magician staying ahead of an audience, her latest reveal—a range of balmy blushes called Cheek Tints—is the unexpected staple we didn’t see coming. Like its predecessors, the tint’s main draw is a foolproof formula that deposits a natural-looking, dewy pigment. Think seamless, beautiful color that appears to emanate through, not sit atop of, your skin. “I think we really have to have a blush moment,” says Dempsey. “It’s like a lost art.”

But what does a “blush moment” entail? We asked Dempsey to demonstrate Cheek Tints on friend and actress Leslie Mann. According to Dempsey, the comedienne has “the prettiest cheeks”—but underdeveloped technical chops. For her part, Mann attributes her blunders with blush to a fondness for dewy skin. “I usually have too much lotion on my face, so [the blush] sticks in one spot and then it doesn’t spread out. I try to do more and wind up with too much—so can you teach me how?” Wish granted. 

Watch the full tutorial above to see Dempsey reveal the go-to technique she uses on clients, why it all starts with Bozo cheeks, and what it means to “break the line.” After, scroll down to see Dempsey break down which shade of Cheek Tint is right for which complexions.  





“I think you’re this girl,” Dempsey tells Mann while holding up Cheek Tint in Rosy. “Rosy is your medium, true, straight up pink. If you’re a pink cheek girl, this is for you.”

To find your perfect shade, watch the artist review the collection shade by shade in our next video.




“This has a little tiny bit of iridescence to it,” says Jillian Dempsey of Bloom, the shade she created exclusively for VIOLET GREY. “It’s a happy, friendly color that’s really accessible and not intimidating. And I think most people can wear it. That’s why I wanted VIOLET GREY to have it.”




If your manicure precludes you from mimicing Dempsey’s hands-on approach, the artist suggests using a tightly bristled brush to apply Cheek Tint. 

which cheek tint is right for you?

let dempsey break it down.